Knocked through… and here it is. A very old, dirty fireplace with a big dark chimney.

Huge limestone lintel across the top.

A neighbour in Townsend Randwick reports when they discovered such a fireplace in their home, there was also a bread oven and spiral staircase. From today’s excavations in Kingscourt it’s hard to see.

There’s scope for some celebration of the house’s former life. One of the benefits of central heating is that wonderful old fireplaces and chimneys no longer need to be bricked up and boarded away to combat the cold.

When we renovated, three decades or more ago, a wonderful Edwardian terrace in Palmers Green, north London, we discovered exquisite and brightly tiled old fireplaces boarded up against the cold… plus solid oak doors hidden behind flat ’60s-style boarding.

There’s two fireplaces in 2 Hillside. The one we found today, we reckon, is more than two centuries old.

No treasure. No skeletons. Yet.