Scott and Luke from Frampton Consultants added some support to the wall in the conservatory this week, ready for building a steel reinforced retaining wall.

The wall is built into the hillside and supports several tons of our neighbour’s garden. It’s always been a question mark. When we first viewed the house, water was streaming down it and much luxuriant green foliage was growing out of the puddle at its base.

Lately we’ve focused, with some alarm, on the apparent bow, bulge, in its middle.

When investigations started to dig a land drain as part of the plan to put in damp proofing ready to be our dining room, we discovered the wall was built on sand. Structural engineer Peter from MDHP agreed with Frampton owner Roy, we need a new steel-toughened wall.

It was with relief we took these reassuring pics this week. Our neighbour Andrew also looked happier.