Just in time, we got our new dormer windows finally painted after several failed colour combinations: Sage Green surrounds and Tracey II for the frames, both hues from Little Greene’s paints. Today the scaffolding came down.

For a month it has been a delight to go up on the scaffolding to admire the views up IMG_0076to Rodborough Common over the roof of the King’s Head, and then across the Nailsworth Valley to St Mary’s spire in Woodchester and round to Selsley Common, scene of the Chartist demonstrations.

The vistas from the house are truly awe-inspiring, ethereal in the mists, thrilling under grey skies, magnificent at sunset as a gold glow settles over Rodborough, peaceful and thought-provoking under the sun. All this we will be able to see from our windows and the garden.

But to view it all from the scaffold has been a special pleasure, in the fresh air, under the sun, in the wind and rain, unfiltered, it has been memorable as we marvel that we could land in such a beautiful place at a time of life when we can relax and enjoy it and take heart from it all.

After we’d finally daubed the final colours and scraped spots of spillages from the windows, I indulged in an hour doing some pencil sketches from the glorious open-air platform. Just wonderful.