Roy Hooper, owner of Frampton Consultants for near 30 years, gets his hands dirty to help David Harris finish the last of the concreting of the steel reinforced wall built in the conservatory to retain the hillside behind 2 Hillside.

A bulge in the original century-old wall plus the shallow foundations discovered by David had raised fears it may not be such a good idea to turn the room into a dining room without some added support. Our neighbours to the rear were also relieved to know their garden was not likely to end up in our new home.

Now, the new floor plus wall are solid concrete knitted together with layers of steel mesh and rods.


Since Roy purchased Frampton Consultants in 1991 he and the company have helped renovate just under 3500 local homes. “We have always tried to impart sympathetic restoration alongside effective damp control in all old buildings,” says the local boy who has lived much of his life within a quarter mile of 2 Hillside.

“I like to keep my hand in,” he said, laughing, “it helps me understand the problems the boys are facing, access, the unexpected.”

Son Scott Hooper (above) has been managing the major work of damp-proofing 2 Hillside since July working with the crew Sam, Tim and Luke as well as stalwart David.