We’re getting used to the feeling, slowly, of gulp! No chance of changing our minds then?

On July 9, at the end of the first day Frampton’s crew went into 2 Hillside we took a visit, expecting not a great deal. The conservatory, our dreamed new baronial dining hall, was filling with rubble. The old thin inner walls hiding the two-centuries-old rear wall of the whole house, had gone, the old original of giant blocks of stone built into the hillside, exposed bare.

Cotswold Roofers arrived in the morning. Half the stone-tiled roof had been stripped by mid-afternoon. Our aspiring pine-lined loft-study, the rib-like rafters exposed to the blue sky.

In the morning we problem-solve with Sam and John looking up at the ceiling where we need to punch a hole and bring in reinforcing 12ft joists… by late afternoon half a ceiling and floor are piled right where our Scandinavian walk-in glass shower is intended to go.

David, a giant who towers over us all, our own Hagrid, asks if the kitchen sink can go. Well, yes of course, I s’pose. Two vice-like hams grip the sorry piece of stainless steel… no contest. At least there’ll be a space for the granite and Bedford unit.

And once the big orange mixer, plus piles of sand are no longer the focus of a concrete production line, there will be a Shaker kitchen.

Then there comes the pleasant surprises: The most-admired stone roof south of Oxford. A rock-solid floor. Flawless smooth plaster. A reassuringly solid wall that will last another couple of hundred years.

We are ditherers. Our builders, all local to Stroud, are doers.