The bit of 2 Hillside that now is the lounge and bedrooms immediately above was built around 1750, even earlier we’d like to believe. Sometime shortly after 1800 a second cottage, the bit that is now the kitchen and shower room above was added.

Originally Hillside was two cottages, then expanded into a terrace of four weavers’ cottages. Each very small. The four were converted  into two cottages, 1 and 2 Hillside around 1967.

But when, around 1800, the second cottage was tacked onto the original of 2 Hillside, building control did not exist. We assume.

Tacked on is probably a good description. Butted up against each other. Not really joined.

Everything inside was plastered over. From the outside pointing disguised the join.

So, down our main staircase there was a crack. Not a big crack, until builders John and Sam hacked the plaster away, revealing building standards circa 1800. The two cottages stood about two inches or so apart, enough to slide a hand into.

Fortunately, neither cottage was falling, relative to the other, forward into the garden, nor sideways downhill. If anything, the crack was good news. Proof, yet again that 2 Hillside, built on sand, into a hillside, had stood the time of 250+ years and is showing no sign of going anywhere.

Just to be sure, Sam and John have added some steel ties, and made good. 2 Hillside lives on.