Painting the dormers was costly. With each coat we changed our minds. We’ve a lot of leftover paint, from bright yellow to dark green. When the scaffolding came down, it was with a sigh of relief. Sage Green. It was what it was, though we missed the magnificent views in the warm sun.

So, decorating a lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms, a loft and six stairways was daunting, maybe even, the end of the affair.

We decided it might be prudent to consult someone who knows the paint, how the colours relate, how to read a colour chart and who comes with several bags containing hundreds of coded cards of every hue: Jane Peckitt of Bailey Paints.

We now await our tester pots. But we can confirm the colour scheme won’t be pink (though we did much admire Jane’s magnificent coat). Nor will it be Magnolia.