For months it seemed the only role for what would be our kitchen was to be home to the concrete mixer, piles of sand and gravel plus general storage including rubbish. The room that we dreamed would be a warm, social focus of our life in 2 Hillside — the focus of most homes — was, frankly, a cold, damp and depressing place during the winter months.

Now, it is almost there. Sam has worked how to support the neighbouring staircase using a joist above, letting us remove an intrusive supporting pillar, opening up the space in the kitchen.

Floor cleaned and epoxied by David, levelled by Sam and then tiled in Campione limestone from Turkey in an Opus pattern from Mandarin Stone by Stewart.

Now Sam is fitting the cupboards and units from Solid Wooden Kitchen Cabinets of Gloucester, including a wine rack (=confirmed sophistication!).

It’s not a functioning kitchen yet, but there’ll be no more concrete mixers welcome in this room in our lifetime.