The window seat in what will be our lounge has been sanded back to the original wood. From the white of the windows obscuring the lovely view of part of our garden, it was a dusty job.

The seat will be oiled soon.

Houses built with thick stone walls, 18 inches or so thick, get to have lots of lovely window seats.

We’ve also been grinding and chipping away at the layers of paint — we estimate at least six layers — on the stone mullions and other window sills. This house has seen some decoration and colour changes over its life. The latest was cream, probably dating back to the 1960s. But before there are signs of bright red and pink, turquoise and green over the years, back to a dull brown long, long ago.

The stone mullions are about to get all the missing lumps and cracks repaired. Once done, we’ll leave just as stone.