The limestone porch was crumbling. And the limestone mullions around the windows were… well, crumbling.

The mullions are certainly part of the original two cottages, so, date back to the early 1880s for one and to 1750 or before for the other.

The porch? That was added. But when? There are signs of an old front door into the later of the two cottages, but bricked up. Pics from the 1960s renovation show the porch was in place then.

When we bought 2 Hillside a year ago this week, we looked at this sort of stuff, remarked how it would need fixing… and then never really believed it would get done. There’s lots of stuff in 2 Hillside that needs, or still needs fixing. But to our surprise we’re ticking them off.

Courtesy of Wayne, Nigel and Andy from local stone mason McAllister Masonry the mullions, cleaned of six or seven layers of paint, have been repaired and the porch now has some 6-7 feet of new limestone profile.

And we’ve planted a garden of native wildflowers and grasses on the porch roof to attract bees, butterflies and other good neighbours.