When we bought 2 Hillside the view from the raised garden, looking over the valley to St Mary’s in Woodchester, was mesmerising, magical. It inspired a dream. What would it be like to sit here, in the early evening sun admiring the glowing colours?

To sit with a few friends sharing a glass or two? To have a small studio, splash some watercolour? What if there were a small wooden summerhouse on this spot?

It would mean getting rid of the huge pile of garden detritus. Levelling the ground and shifting much dirt. It would need some foundations building. And a lot of wood. Planning permission. It could be fun. A dream.

This weekend the summer house got its roof, courtesy of some much-needed help from friend Robin. We can sit in it. We can admire the view. It just now needs some walls. Soon the friends and the paints.