A year ago… I had a dream. As well as world peace and a Corbyn government, I dreamed of building a wooden summer house on the high ground looking out over to Woodchester and Selsley Common.

Tonight, it’s done. Well, it’ll never really be done, but it is a water-proof, weatherproof and sound useable structure. Just in time for winter… we have a winter palace, in which to plot. Next summer we’ll toast the Corbyn government.

It’s been a labour of love: from clearing the mountain of garden rubbish, to levelling out the plot over the winter, digging foundations in the early spring to laying the deck on giant sleepers and putting together the wooden structure over a long, hot summer. Once the roof was on — thanks to Robin — it became a haven of shade in the heat.

The walls and windows have made it look something like a summer house. And many hours have already been spent just sitting and looking at the magnificence of the view.

Next tasks are to put in some insulation and inner walls, electricity, heating and lights, a carpet, a drinks cabinet…