The doors we inherited at 2 Hillside were from the ’60s refurbishment. Hardboard with a cardboard  honeycomb inner. And all fit into what are now standard-sized frames.

The original doors… well, we don’t know. They would have been in different positions in the houses. The house now is one, originally it would have been two small cottages.

When stripped right back to the original walls there was evidence that doors connected not just our two cottages, but all four in the terrace: that neighbours then, in the early 1800s, could walk through all four cottages.

Doors would have been ledge and brace farmhouse doors? Certainly now such doors won’t fit the door frames… ledge and brace are wider and squatter.

But a trip to Tim’s yard full of old doors, Tim Tyler Doors, where there are 2,000  doors, found a set of old Victorian doors. They fit.

Sam, our joiner/carpenter, points to the wedges in the doors showing how they are held together, no screws. Original from the times of the reign of Queen Victoria.